Critical Thinking through Writing Consultant Survey

Thank you all for your hard work with your Critical Thinking through Writing courses this semester.

In order to improve our program and the training that consultants receive, we would appreciate your comments on the experience. Please take a moment to answer the questions below. Your responses are anonymous.

Please contact Jennifer Lawrence at 404-413-5878 or via email at jlawrence@langate.gsu.edu if you have any questions about this survey.

1. Please select the major area in which you were working.

2. On average, how many hours per week did you work for your course?

3. How much contact did you have with the professor with which you were working?

4. Were you involved in any areas of course construction (i.e. assignment creation, rubric development, syllabus preparation etc)?

5. If so, which area(s)?

6. How many classes did you sit in on?
7. Did you conference with the students?

8. If so, were the conferences mandatory or optional?

9. What types of assignments were you responsible for assisting students with (short informal assignemnts, formal essays, test preparation, etc.)?

10. Describe your main objectives when examining student work.

11. How would you characterize the students' attitude toward your suggestions?

12. Do you feel that working as a writing consultant prepared you for working in your own discipline? If so, how?

13. Please describe the training you received for this position.

14. If you have any additional comments about your experience as a CTW consultant, please share them here.